The Music of Ahad aka Zsolt Sőrés

Ahad aka Zsolt Sőrés's music characterised by formation strategy and immediate transitions; the use of unstable acoustic systems and continuous sound layers, unique electronic instruments (circuit bent toys, crackle box, Korg DS-10 etc.) which can develop towards a sound economy, very similar to minimalism's compositional solutions such as micro-structural and sound reduction space arrangement, respectively a situationist détournement space arrangement (often preferring field recordings and environmental noises). His music is characterised by the dramaturgy of the situation of intensive concentration and reaction times (slower and quicker processes) because of a sense of suspension, where sounds/noises are looped for a longer or shorter time, recycled and changed only slightly. Comprising an improvised method of editing, it confronts the listener with an evolving sense of time and duration that transcend questions of musical to focus in the idea of shape, in the potentialities of a sound representation as stream of consciousness.

Részletek / details:

Ahad aka Zsolt Sőrés

Born 1969 in Budapest. Improvised/electroacoustic and noise musician, sound artist, editor, performance and conceptual artist. Groups: Abstract Monarchy Trio (with Franz Hautzinger), a duo with Rhodri Davies, Budapastis (with the members of the Parisian children-noise-rock group, Dragibus) etc. His field of interest and activity - beside music - includes the borderline and the margin of different art forms, too. He is also collaborate with artists from different fields of art (coreographers, stage directors, fine artists and videomakers etc.). He is the member and the program managing editor of the still independent "Tilos Rádió" ("Forbidden Radio") "No Wave" programme. Currently he is the main organizer of the underground film screening series called "Club of Invisible Films" at Ludwig Museum in Budapest. He is the artistic director of "Relative (Cross)Hearings International Indpendent Contemporary Music Meeting" in Budapest. Recently - in 2008 - he edited a book and wrote a preface study about "New Chances of Autonomy" with the texts by Hakim Bey aka Peter Lamborn Wilson among other onthological anarchists.